Bag Dump – Unloading station

The bag dump stations provide operators with an ergonomic solution for handling and manually dosing solid foodstuffs such as sugar, flour and salt, with similar grain sizes, in pre-weighed sacks or bags of approximately 25 kg.
They are used for minor ingredients within a production process.
They enable the introduction of different products to a (multi-product) production line.
Bag dump stations can be used for other non-foodstuff applications involving any type of solid material in powder form.

The equipment has an infeed hopper with a dust trapping system to mitigate dust cloud formation during loading.
The front hatch has a closing mechanism, with shock absorbers as a safety feature to prevent unintentional closure.
A vibrator and a rotary valve aid the emptying of the feeding hopper and the transportation of the raw material to the points of use. Different options and components are available to suit the product and equipment application, such as direct delivery, butterfly valves, extractors, and/or sieves. These elements enable transportation either in a vacuum or under pressure.

Design and features:
Pneumatic cylinders as a safety system when closing the equipment’s front hatch.
A protective grid inside the unit.
A fan for the dust trapping system with a filtering basket.
The filtering basket contains a polyester filter.
A stainless steel deflector that directs the dust cloud generated during loading to inside the equipment.
Bag emptying flow rates with a rotary valve or direct transportation of 3 T/hour* .
*Flow rates always depend on the product used and the installation conditions.


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