Big Bag – Unloading station

The BigBag unloading system enables the ergonomic handling and dosing of solid food products such as sugar, flour, and salt – with similar grain sizes – stored in BigBags of approximately one tonne in weight.

It has another type of application outside food industry related to any type of solid material in powder form.

The equipment is based on a structure that supports the weight of the BigBag vertically and a hopper for the raw material contained in the bag. There is a lifting and transfer system based on a block and tackle for handling the BigBag. To facilitate the emptying of the hopper and transport of the raw material contained therein to the points of use, the equipment has various components such as rotary valves, butterfly valves and gate valves, endless screw, vibrators, extractors and/or sifters. These are selected in accordance with the function of the product and the application. These elements enable transport either through a vacuum or through positive pressure.

Design and features:
Hoist for 2,000 kg with ATEX control unit on request.
1650x1350x5235 structure with lateral reinforcements to improve the stability and resistance of the station.
BigBag flow rate with rotary valve: 2.5 t/h
BigBag flow rate with endless screw: from 180 kg/h to 1,450 kg/h for sugar
from 180 kg/h to 1,100 kg/h for flour
*The flow rates always depend on the product used and the installation conditions.
Types of raw material: flour, starch, leaf, grain, sugar, salt.
Aluminium safety guards.
Solids level detector.
Pneumatic vibration to facilitate decanting of raw material.
Pressurization of extraction components when the raw material is sugar or salt.


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