Services we offer

The requirements for each installation and customer vary, so we find out all the requisites for every application and develop our comprehensive solutions accordingly.

FLUINOX’s own staff runs each project from start to finish, including management, engineering, manufacturing, installation, automation, and commissioning.

  • Process and Mechanical Engineering

    Process and Mechanical Engineering

    Our engineering department works closely with customers to design and develop every project phase tailored to their requirements and needs as well as complying with the industry standards.






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  • Electrical Engineering and Automation

    Electrical Engineering and Automation

    Control, management and resource optimisation systems, SCADA software

    Automating a process ensures both its repetitiveness and control over the relevant variables.

    FLUINOX use operating terminals that range from being simple and intuitive to complete, sophisticated control using the highest level of SCADA.

    Automation also enables understanding of how processes are progressing, making it easier to adapt to new specifications.

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  • Production


    We expanded our production area from 3000 m2 to 6000 m2 in 2017.

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  • After-sales service

    After-sales service

    Our interactions with our customers don’t end once we complete an installation.

    After commissioning and having given the necessary training to the operators, we like to follow up and check on how our installations are performing.

    We are always available for our customers, providing support and resolving any queries, whether in-person, by telephone or virtually (via access to the automated system by GSM modem or website).

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  • Pilot Plant

    Pilot Plant

    We have a pilot plant available for our customers, allowing first-hand observation of our equipment effectiveness. Micro-dosing of solids and liquids, transportation of solids, big bags, etc.

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