Big Bag Unloading station with blender

The table blender system for solids feeding enables the addition of solids in a circulating liquid medium, from the solid product storage phase.
The Big Bag unloading stations enables the ergonomic handling and dosing of solid food products with similar grain sizes, such as sugar, powdered milk and salt, stored in BigBags of approximately one tonne in weight.
This solids feeding system + table blender was developed for use in the dairy sector in particular, or in industries such as beverage production, where sugar solutions are required to produce syrups.

The equipment is based on a structure that supports the weight of the Big Bag vertically, with a hopper for the raw material contained in the bag.
There is a lifting and transfer system based on a block and tackle for handling the Big Bag.
Various components are included to both facilitate the emptying of the hopper and transport the raw material to the table blender. These include rotary valves, butterfly valves, endless screws, vibrators and extractors, which are selected based on the product and use.
The venturi and pump aspiration creates negative pressure at the base of the hopper. When the hopper valve opens, the solids are drawn and easily dissolve as they pass through the pump casing.
It is recommended to use batch operations until all the solids are added and to continue recirculating for a while once all the solids have been added to ensure the most uniform solution possible.
In-line operations can also be used for some cases, depending on the solid added and the quality of the solution required.


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