Sieving machine

The sieving machines separate impurities and discard any agglomerates that may contain the powdered products for transportation or sieving.

The sieving machine is either fed by gravity, or sucked or driven in-line to the pneumatic transport system. Inside it a worm screw moves the load to the sieving area. There the centrifugal blades are used to filter the product through to the central hopper, a clean zone.

A product with too small a grain size or a product containing foreign bodies is transported from the filtering zone to the rejection zone, where it is deposited into the rejection container.

The equipment is always manufactured with the specific needs for each product and process, whether in terms of micron rating or flow rate.

Several models are available. The micron rating and production can vary depending on the transport system and the product requiring sieving. The standard equipment for producing 4,000 kg/hour uses a 1,600 μm mesh with suction-driven transport.

Operational times are streamlined because minimal maintenance is required.

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