Sourdough plant

How to make healthier, tastier and longer-lasting bread?

With the idea of both improving handcrafted bread and making mass production possible, we have created FIBA (Future In Bulk Auto-Regeneration).

Handcrafted on industrial scale

Numerous investigations have led to the development of a plant capable of auto-regenerating sourdough (“Levain”) on a mass scale over time, without needing to add additives or preservatives.

We use Escrear to develop the sourdough (“Levain”) that best fits the desired product. They advise on and develop a specific strain for each case. Once developed, the strain is added to our equipment, which contains cutting edge technology to preserve and regenerate the strain. We also have a pilot plant that can develop the reproduction formula that will subsequently be included in the final equipment.

Sourdough can adapt to all types of fermented sweet and savoury doughs.

The sourdough plant design can be modified based on production needs and the number of installed equipment can vary.

The entire development was undertaken with the collaboration of CDTI and Fondos FEDER, who supported us during our investigation work.

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