Yeast plant

Several systems can be employed for the storage and dosage of bakery yeast, it depends on the needs and level of automation. The range of possibilities is wide, from a simple system with a box placed in a cold room, until a completely automated plant with storage tanks having cooling jacket and insulation, these features make possible to place them inside and outside of the factory.

The manufacture of bakery yeast from baking powder is also an option, always dimensioning each element to the production needs.

In any case, the bakery yeast system shall be provided with a CIP system, being automatic or semiautomatic in line with the previous system chosen.

The CIP system may consist either of a single tank, or it may be a more complete system comprising up to 4 tanks with heating and automatic dosage of product.



The dosing system is also part of the equipment, available for Bach kneading or continuos mixers. In case of multiple dosing points, both systems can coexist perfectly without losing precision.

The design of the dosing system without product or media storage tanks, guarantee a perfect cleaning of the entire system from the own CIP.

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