Sugar transfer and dosing

Sugar handling lines

Project description

Fluinox / INOXPA are supplying complete sugar handling lines for different plants for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bread and industrial baked goods. This involves the storage, transfer and dosing of sugar at different consumption points as required, such as a dough mixer.

Fluinox / INOXPA manufacture the equipment as well as provide support during the installation of the equipment and connection between the plant units, commissioning of the line with their own technical staff.

The automation and control systems reflect the know-how acquired through experience with a great number of installations.

Nine medium and large capacity lines have been implemented since mid-2019 and throughout 2020,and       four large capacity lines are currently scheduled for implementation in 2021 in Mexico.

This customer has also been supplied with lines for handling other solid ingredients, such as flours, semolina, micro-ingredients (salt, enhancer, etc.), along with the storage and dosing of the liquid raw materials used in this industry, such as egg, liquid yeast, water, vegetable oil, lecithin, glucose, etc.

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